4 comments on “nascrap

  1. Boy, you really have been in NoCal too long. You’re right about ‘Dega, though. It’s not really racing, it’s more like Rollerball or Thunderdome or something similarly post-apocolyptic.

    That said, NASCAR’s the only racing series in this country that comes close to turning a profit and holding people’s interest. Sonoma/Sears Point/Insert Bruton Smith’s latest sponsor here will have their only profitable weekend of the year this weekend, as roundy round drivers get confounded by right hand turns.

    Motorcycle racing would have a better chance if they could attach large sails to the bikes that could double as sponsor billboards.

  2. It’s amazing that a FIM race or a World Superbike Race or the MotoGP will draw 100,000 spectators into a place like Mugello or Assen for a race weekend, but you’d be hard pressed to have 10,000 show up at a premier AMA event in the states……although the attendance for the US GPs at Laguna and Indy have been pretty stellar the last few years.

  3. I’ve been to several NASCAR races before, including the Daytona 500, Tallabubba, etc. It is interesting to watch the good ole boys do a little rubbing,

    I’m done with that shit.

    To be honest, it is a HUGE pain in the ass to drive in and drive out. I’m not doing it anymore. That’s two reasons I have a TV.

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