3 comments on “anglophile

  1. The whole monarchy does seem a silly waste of time and money. I think Elizabeth is determined to live another 30 years or so to spare us all the indignity of King Charles. In their day, the Brits certainly kicked ass and took names. At least until they pissed us off.

    I’m re-reading Shelby Foote’s Civil War Trilogy, which reminded me that the day after the Monitor and Merrimack slugged it out in Hampton Roads, every wooden blue-water navy in the world was instantly obsolete.

  2. interesting controversy brewing in China in regards to the Littoral Navy.

    We developed the concept and the Coast Guard pork barreleld it into oblivion.

    The Chinese take Aussie built car ferrys based on wave splitting catamaran designs and create fast, stealthy, near shore sea monsters that can kill carriers at long range.


    Sorry. Too lazy to type in the HTML.

    The next Monitor/CSA Virginia saga perhaps?

  3. We should be fine unless the Chinese decide to repossess our ships, seeing as they hold the notes on them.

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