4 comments on “regimen

  1. I dropped by from Eric’s blog. My husband got into bicycle riding for many of the reasons you mentioned. He recently added a 29’er to his fleet and loves it. Now we all have bikes and try to do some rides, although this summer has been a bit busy for riding. I think a 30 lb. goal is a good one. Hang in there.

  2. I came by way of Eric’s as well. You can do 30 by end of summer. It’ll suck, but you can do it. My husband came in one day declaring he needed to lose 8 lbs. He cut out coke, chips, and sandwiches and lost it in 2 weeks. I was so pissed. It takes forever for me. So I’d make a list of what you eat, look at what really is not good for you, cut it out for the summer, and it’ll peel off. With that bike riding? Absolutely. (My husband eats a salad every day for lunch with turkey or chicken on top now that he cut out the sandwich roll. W/out the meat, he wants to gnaw off his arm by 3PM. Just a tip…)

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