6 comments on “more mikey

  1. Very cool film…I found myself leaning right and left in my office chair. What’s going with the hand-dragging at about 6:53?

    • Mikey’s big move was to put his inside hand down on the track if there was a photographer in the corner. Mine was to wave if my throttle hand was on the inside when I was leaned over in the corner.

      Since we coached, we got our photos taken 10,000 times and it became second nature to do a couple of stupid things for the photographer before the day was over.

      So he probably saw a photographer in the area and put his hand down just to be weird.

  2. Weird is cool. Inside hand…I didn’t think of that. You guys have too much banana. It is what it is. I’m sorry you lost him…but I know the feeling,,,I’ve been there before. Stay safe…anyone who drives a bike at those speeds needs to be really careful, but of course you know that. I’ll ride with you if, and only if, we just robbed a bank and got some drop dead money or were running for our lives like a rabbit being chased by beagles, and the only way to escape is on one of those fuckers. Otherwise, I’d rather be lifted out by air. Know what I mean?

    Damn…nice film, and good music. You get an extra pork biscuit in the morning.

    Cool Runings with that throttle hand, and mind your p’s and q’s…not a lot of room for error.

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