6 comments on “baked ziti

  1. I’ve been doing Unix / Linux forever. Only use Windows when I have to, or when I have to clean up the Juju Woman’s work provided laptop.

    I also drive a iMac…damn thing will run underwater. As you know…all a iMac is, is the best GUI built on top of Unix, and NO registry = a good thing. Also, use an old dedicated Linux PC for a firewall (iptables)…its only job is to protect and serve. Never had an involuntary reboot. Unix / Linux is the Catdaddy.

    For the important stuff: We’re going to fire up a couple of pans of some Juju fire grilled sausage and eggplant lasagna…one for us…one for the boys and girls at the fire hall down the street.

    Cool Runnings!!!

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